Updating the desktop app

The Tokenized product is under constant development, with regular improvements and new features across our apps and the cloud services that power them. From time to time these improvements mean that previous versions of the desktop app can no longer be supported. When that happens you might see an incompatibility warning requesting you update:

The minimum supported desktop app version is currently 1.4.23, due to changes to fee calculations and some upcoming feature work.

How to install the latest version

Usually the new version will be downloaded automatically, and you’ll soon see a notification that you can relaunch the app to install. All you need to do is quit, wait a few moments for the update to be installed, and then re-launch and you’ll be good to go. (We’re aware of an occasional issue on macOS that causes slow downloads – it will work eventually if you keep the app open, or you can download manually instead.)

Alternatively, get the latest installer for your OS from our downloads page and install the update manually.

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