Desktop app v1.5.14, Mobile app v1.6.17

We’ve just released v1.5.14 of the Tokenized desktop app alongside v1.6.17 of the mobile app:

Managing contacts and relationships

We’ve updated the relationships section of the desktop app to be more useful in this release. You’ll probably notice this first when selecting recipients and counterparties for instrument transfers: The handles of anyone you’ve recently sent to or received from (“Counterparties” on the relationships screen) will be autocompleted without you having to manually add them as contacts. Other improvements:

  • The people you administer organizations with (“Associates”) are also listed on the relationships screen, and can be autocompleted in dialogs.
  • When adding contacts, non-Tokenized paymails are now accepted, for easier transfers to users of other wallets.
  • You can mark handles from the counterparties and associates lists as contacts, and they will be prioritized higher when autocompleting.
  • You can also mark any handle as “Hidden in searches”, which prevents autocompletion.

Important security and support updates

We’re requiring all users to update to these new versions of the desktop and mobile apps; logging in with previous versions is no longer supported. Prompts in the apps will guide you through the update process. We understand that having to apply updates is inconvenient, but in this exceptional case there are important security, reliability, and support improvements that we want to ensure all users benefit from as soon as possible.

Other improvements

  • Fixed: the fullscreen pairing QR code was not correctly filling the screen.
  • If you use the desktop app zoomed in (with larger text and buttons), you’ll enjoy our new adaptive app layout where the left navigation bar is hidden so the full window width can be used for page content.
  • On macOS, updates in this version should fix the desktop app sometimes reporting “Unable to communicate with the system”


Desktop app v1.5.14 update should be installed automatically next time you launch the app, and the full installer is available now from the Tokenized download page.

Mobile app v1.6.17 is available through your device’s store app, or via automatic updating if enabled. Here are the direct links: