Desktop app v1.4.2

Yesterday we released v1.4.2 of the Tokenized desktop app, which makes our wallet service (including personal and organization workspaces) free and unrestricted, and allows administration of contracts for customers on our new Issuer plan. Read more about the new Tokenized pricing here. v1.4.2 also includes the following:

  • Improvements to the transfer confirmation process: When you click the “Approve and send” button for a transfer, then change your mind and cancel, your prepared transfer is now retained in your “Action items” for 24 hours. So now you can come back and send it when you’re ready, without having to re-enter all the details. Note that for cancellation to work the new way from the Tokenized mobile app requires an update to v1.6.9, available now.

  • It’s now possible to send an instrument request for BSV to another user, even if your BSV balance is zero – particularly useful when funding a brand new workspace.

  • Fixes the instrument label in the activity details dialog for instruments issued, which was showing “Sent” rather than “Issued”.

The v1.4.2 update should be installed automatically next time you launch the desktop app, and the full installer is available now from the Tokenized download page.