Mobile app v1.6.9

We’ve just released v1.6.9 of the Tokenized mobile app, with a couple of nice improvements:

  • You can now verify that you’ve correctly recorded your manual recovery phrase backup, which we strongly recommend doing in case you ever need it. (Tip of the hat to forum user “Es” for requesting the feature). From account settings, tap the previously-confirmed manual backup and select “Verify your backup”. If you find that your recorded backup is inaccurate, please contact support through the app and we’ll be able to assist you.

  • In line with improvements to transfer confirmation in v1.4.2 of the desktop app, cancelling a confirmation in the mobile authenticator will now retain your prepared transfer in your “Action items” for 24 hours. So you can come back and send it when you’re ready, without having to re-enter all the details.

An update to v1.6.9 should already be available through your device’s store app, or via automatic updating if enabled. Here are the direct links:

Note that v1.6.9 was found to have an issue on iOS 15 (freezing on startup) which has now been fixed in v1.6.11.