Transaction in status pending

for testing purposes sent a small amount from my Tokenized wallet to a receive address generated by the Tokenized wallet.
TX shows in whatsonchain as confirmed, but the Desktop wallet show the tx as pending.

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Thanks for sharing. One of the devs will respond to this one and your other query shortly.

Can you DM me the txid so I can look it up? My best guess would be there was some issue with the mAPI submission so it didn’t get marked as accepted. When that happens it should update when it is confirmed, but that part hasn’t been well tested.

I hadn’t read the description well enough before. I didn’t notice that it was to and from the same wallet. I believe that is the issue. It looks like it was processed by our systems normally, but since it is to and from the same wallet it doesn’t recognize it as a “transaction”. We have other similar transactions that are just considered “internal” and just used to create UTXOs for specific use, so they don’t show up as activity. We just see all the outputs as “change” since they came from your wallet. As soon as I get a chance I will create some tests to determine exactly why it didn’t get marked as complete and fix the issue.