Tokenized Authenticator app does not start on Android 10

I want to use an old-ish phone as authenticator, it runs Android 10, but the Tokenized App does not even start, only displays the Tokenized logo.

Device is OnePlus 5T

Hi Ekse, sorry you’re having trouble getting the Tokenized app to run on your phone. We have tested the app on more recent Android 10 devices with no problems. I suspect the OnePlus 5T, being a more than 5-year-old device, is not providing the app access to the hardware-backed security features that we need to adequately protect your signing key. I will look into whether we can improve the information we’re presenting about whether devices are supported or not, but unfortunately the only solution I can offer you for getting Tokenized running is to try a more recent device.

Ok, thank you, but just fyi I also tested it on a OnePlus3T, running Android 9, and it worked.

Do you happen to have a list of devices which you have tested successfully?

Now tried a Motorola phone, Moto E13, so pretty recent, running Android 13, and the Tokenized app doesn’t even show in the app store. I suspect this has smthg todo with the device.
Can you recommend a cheap phone to use for the Tokenized Authenticator? I want to have a separate device only for the purpose of authentication.

Thanks, Ekhard. All sorted via DM on Telegram.