Paymail Integration

Was able to send in Funding BSV to my tokenized paymail, used rockwallet and centbee. Worked super fast. 1 - 2 seconds before showing up. Cannot send out to centbee paymail though as it initially recognizes the paymail, then says it isn’t supported when clicked.

Any info on what the issue is? It seems like we don’t have industry wide paymail functionality yet. Interested in any explanations for research purpsoes regarding article.

Centbee requires sender validation via paymail PKI, which we don’t currently have implemented. It would require our mobile app to sign once to send the request and then again after receiving the response to sign the transaction. Or, like it seems like Centbee does we could just say all sends are on behalf of and you won’t be able to see the actual sender’s handle.

We can only interact with paymail hosts who do not require sender validation. We support the original raw address paymail endpoint that requires monitoring the chain for addresses, and we support the moneybutton p2p endpoints that allow direct delivery of the payment transaction.

We will also soon support a more advanced “transaction negotiation” protocol that has full support for tokens, payment requests, and exchanges.

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