Desktop app v1.2.67

Yesterday we released v1.2.67 of the Tokenized desktop app, which introduces a powerful new instrument type: credit notes, enabling your business to issue currency-denominated credits redeemable for cash on demand.

When you create a credit note instrument in the contract editor, you’ll be able to select any currency from a complete list of active ISO 4217 codes, including all world currencies, and a selection of “X codes” like gold and silver. The Tokenized app has access to live exchange rate data so that you and your customers can easily convert between credit note amounts and the currency-of-account, or between any two currencies in a trade.

You can also choose the number of decimal places on your notes, allowing for very precise divisibility (up to 9 decimal places supported), and record your full terms and conditions for issuance and redemption in the contract’s body of agreement.

v1.2.67 is available now from the Tokenized download page. To update an existing installation, launch the Tokenized app, wait for the new version notification, quit, wait a few seconds for the update, relaunch, and enjoy!