Desktop app v1.2.33

Today we released v1.2.33 of the Tokenized desktop app, which includes a collection of improvements and fixes that didn’t quite make it into the launch build. Some highlights:

  • To streamline the process of getting funds into your treasury, we’ve moved the “Receive” dialog up to the top level, right next to “Send”, and if you need to request a specific transfer from another user, there’s now a link to that feature in the dialog.

  • Clicking on your paymail at the top of the Tokenized window now copies it directly to your clipboard so you can confidently set up a transfer from another app.

  • Your BSV balance is now conveniently shown underneath the treasury total value.

  • Conversions of BSV amounts to your currency of account throughout the app now use additional precision (up to 9 decimal places) when the amount is very small, like a transaction fee.

  • “Show password” toggle buttons are now available on all password-entry fields.

To get the update, launch the Tokenized app, and you should see a notification that a new version has been downloaded. Quit, wait a few seconds for the update, relaunch, and enjoy!

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