Contract hosting fees

Hello everyone, was trying out Tokenized and wanted to try creating a coupon code for discount in my services. Meanwhile the 14 EUR monthly cost seems a lot for just trying out and micro-businesses. Are there plans for free accounts and be able to create instruments for free? Also, what happens if I stop paying for the hosting service, do my tokens stop being tradable and executed?
I like a lot the design. Thanks!

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Hi Skilli,

If you wanted to try out the coupon contract, we could give you a free (100% discount) 3 months for the hosting and instruments oustanding fees.

The fees are meant to be compelling for all sorts of businesses and is really encapsulates the platform services, as well as long term storage of the records to ensure our clients can meet their compliance/recordkeeping needs.

The tokens won’t be tradeable if the contract is not hosted.

Would you like to try it out? Do you have a business that you are considering using the tokens for?

Thanks for the kind words and feedback.