What does "the oracle" refer to?

I see the term “oracle” mentioned.

Is smartcontractd the oracle?

No, smartcontractd is not really an oracle. It is just and automated agent that applies the rules of the contract/asset.

In the most general definition, an “oracle” is a trusted source for off chain data, or a connection between the block chain and the real world.

Tokenized uses oracles for many things. One of the most common oracles approves receivers of tokens to verify they have done KYC (Know your customer), that they are in the correct jurisdiction, are the correct age, or whatever requirements are specified for the ownership of a token. This allows distribution of this responsibility away from the contract operator. Other oracles are to verify the creator of a contract is who they say they are or that someone you are interacting with on chain is who they say they are.

What are some specific Oracles being used by the Tokenized Community?

I don’t believe any exist yet. I am implementing an interface for one now and there will be one built into tokenized.com systems.

We will also be supporting Authority and Event oracles in the protocol. Event Oracles provide a trusted data feed for real world events, such as sporting, weather, and financial events. Authority Oracles provide a mechanism for legal authorities (and the like) to sign a message like a court order, to support the on-chain freezing or confiscation of assets.