What APIs are out there to develop a DApp on BSV Mainnet rapidly? MoneyButton is the only choice?

Tokenized doesn’t have any API for us out here in the public to code to BSV Mainnet yet, right?

So that leaves APIs from Unwriter and MoneyButton?

And MoneyButton seems to be quickest to get a DApp up and running at the moment?

I think MoneyButton API also provides access to the MoneyButton full node.

We are not building DApps. We are building tokens that run ultra fast and efficient, and can comply with regulations.

I am not sure of any real use for a DApp. Definitely not tokens. Tokens require an off chain entity to uphold the purpose of the token.

I thought a crypto wallet is an example of a DApp.

I was just asking in general what API Service gives programmatic access to the BSV mainnet these days? ie. to a BSV Fullnode on the mainnet.

MoneyButton API is one example I believe.

Other people have released code libraries but not actual service endpoints to a BSV fullnode on the mainnet.

Oh, okay. My definition of a DApp is from what I understand Ethereum has it defined as. It is an app that is executed by the network, like by full nodes. Basically where the code is integrated on chain and ran by the bitcoin protocol itself. It is possible and some people are working on it for BSV, but it doesn’t provide much value to what we are building.

As far as getting access to the bitcoin network, it is open to anyone. You just need software that can connect to the internet and find bitcoin nodes to talk to. It depends on your purpose though. It requires a fair amount of bandwidth, CPU, and calculations to index blockchain data, so those will likely cost money in the near future. Many block chain explorers provide APIs for requesting data like whatsonchain.com.

Yes but are there ready to go BSV Full nodes that can be accessed for a fee? Do the miners allow subscribers to their full nodes? Is there a list of BSV full node access for fee somewhere?

Hi David,

Try this service: https://www.mattercloud.net/