Welcome to Tokenized

(Brendan (Moderator)) #1

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all to Tokenized. We are ready to help you revolutionize the way you issue, manage and trade tokens. Don’t hesitate to ask questions as the whole team is here to help.

(James Belding) #2

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Tokenized forum. Feel free to use our forum to discuss anything related to Tokenized, the Tokenized Protocol, smart contracts, tokens, Bitcoin SV, technology, economics, or pretty much anything else loosely related to Bitcoin SV. We welcome all genuine people and encourage Bitcoin SV or Tokenized newbies to ask lots of questions.

We are all very passionate about making Bitcoin SV a success and our team is working hard on Tokenized to help build out Bitcoin’s utility for a mainstream audience.

Looking forward to chatting to you all.

(Kellie) #3

Hi All,

A very warm welcome to the Tokenized forum - please feel free to post your questions, queries and comments in this forum and we’ll get you the answers!

Let’s get the conversations going!

(Curtis Ellis) #4


I have been working on the smart contract implementation for a while now. I can answer questions about that, the Tokenized protocol, or Bitcoin in general.

(Gal Buki) #6

Hi everyone

Thanks for this forum.
It’s much easier for me to keep track this way than to follow a Telegram channel.

I’m looking forward to seeing the presentation at Coingeek (will be watching on the live stream) and of course for Tokenized be used in the real world!

(Alex) #7

Hello world,

I’m a software developer from Canada and a friend of James, and I’m also looking forward to seeing the coingeek presentation.

For now I’m still reading through the docs but I’m sure I’ll have questions soon. Looking forward to seeing this platform take off.

(James Belding) #8

Welcome Gal and Alex :wave:

(BSV) #9


(Brendan (Moderator)) #10

Preach aquatic mammal friend!

BSV is where it’s at.


Hi @ all , this is just the beginning :slight_smile:

(Jaimexbt) #12

Hi from Spain! A lot of people over here pushing BSV adoption and directions ! Strong community. I would like to build a “Tokenized” fund on bsv, anxious to start touching the protocol. I’m in crypto since 2013

(Brendan (Moderator)) #13

Great to have you here. Best advice is to dig into the documentation and come back with any questions you have. They are quite comprehensive and should give you an excellent overview of what’s possible.