Trying to create a membership token for a limited edition product


I am creating a new line of limited edition designer bags.
Instead of just using a signature/edition number to protect the limited availability, I want to use Tokenized to create a membership token.

This is what we need:

  • It needs to be easily embedded in fabric via NFC tag or visible by QR code.
  • It needs to be easily initialized by our employees.
  • It needs to be easily verifiable by the customer, who is probably not a BSV investor. (We could potentially make the verification through our app, but ideally it should be easy to do online.)

Can anyone provide some guidance here? If this is successful, we will send the Tokenized team a free limited bag :wink:

Hi Yoon,

Welcome to the Tokenized forum!

A few quick questions:

What would these membership tokens represent to the purchasers of the limited edition bags? Are they a member to the original buyers of this bag? Are they tradeable? How would the token and the bag be connected? Is there any on-going deals/discounts/value associated with the membership token?

Feel free to DM me if you’d prefer to keep the conversation private.

Hello James,

In the first phase, it should just have the function of a Product Certificate.

The customer should be able to use an app or web page to see that this is an original, genuine product. This should be counterfeit proof and embedded on a NFC tag or something similar.

In the second phase, it should be transferrable.

Using an app or a web page, the customer should be able to see that this is not a stolen item, and (if the customer had chosen to enter personal info) see that the seller was the original buyer.

In the third phase, it should be a membership token, and provide some sort of deals, discounts, etc.

Thanks, Yoon. I’ve DM’d you to continue the conversation.