Sync needs improvement to detect reporting bogus Wallet Address

I believe sync should double check the Wallet Address it is about to report against the CLIENT_WALLET_KEY Private Key that is in the .env file, and if they don’t match then it should not report that Wallet Address as good. It should report than an error is likely in the private key in CLIENT_WALLET_KEY.

The good news is that when I have everything configured properly and have not made any mistakes,
the short sync (without --nostop) takes only 15 seconds to execute.

The long sync with --nostop done after a reset takes at least 90 minutes or more on my laptop.

I am not sure what you mean by “report against”. The address monitored for on the block chain during sync is directly derived from CLIENT_WALLET_KEY, so there is no way for it to not match.

If however you partially sync with one CLIENT_WALLET_KEY and then change the value and sync to the same files, or try to send txs, then it won’t work. I recommend keeping separate configs that use different keys and different storage locations to keep them separate.

In the problem you helped me with last week it looks like in the verbose console output from sync, it was “reporting” a bogus Wallet address, not the one I believe is the desired Wallet address to be found.
And that was because my .env had the wrong CLIENT_WALLET_KEY - I had made a mistake there.

So I am saying that I hope ultimately sync will be robust enough to cross check any values which
it can possibly crosscheck, to avoid finding inappropriate values.

sync needs to know when it is “barking up the wrong tree” and should throw an error.