SpyNodeFailed read message (wireError) : ReadMessage : message payload is too large

Please advise about fixing this error:

SpyNodeFailed read message (wireError) : ReadMessage : message payload is too large - header indicates 638053393 bytes, but max message payload is 536870912 bytes."}

These are the values in my bitcoind config file.



There was a hard coded limit in the spynode message parser that was still set at 512 MiB so it was incapable of handling the 638 MB block. The latest version should fix that.

But that fix is not actually released.

It is only fixed in https://github.com/tokenized/pkg/tree/large-block-fix/wire as far as I see.

So I have to build the release myself it seems.

Please advise exactly what makefiles I have to run to get a new build.
Run the makefile in the spynode folder?
Then Run the makefile in the pkg folder?

Then do I have to copy any files to spynode/dist or anywhere else as well?

The latest release has that fix in it. It is not a backwards compatible release though so you will have to clear data and create new assets.

If you want a backwards compatible fix so you don’t need to create new tokens, then pull this branch and run make dist.

Well I rebuilt with the large-block-fix for smart-contract and for pkg,
but now unfortunately, build --tx --send HANGS, NEVER RETURNS.
But build --tx works fine.

I tried a lot of things but no luck.

One strange aspect is that the daemon found only 3 peers and the client sync --nostop found only 1 peer so far.
I ran sync --nostop for over 90 minutes but still only 1 peer found.
So the build --tx --send is done with only 1 peer and it hangs.
Unlike previous iterations of this problem,
the logs look clean - I do not see any unusual error messages.
In the client log, I can see that it Broadcast the new C1 transaction.
But in the daemon log, there is no indication of that transaction.

Any ideas?

I will try the v1.0.1 Release soon, hoping the send will work with that.