"smartcontractd" does not respond to asset definition

The contract offer was successfully created, but then contract does not respond to asset definition action, and i cant figure out what is the problem. Can anyone help me to figure out what i am doing wrong?

Contract Address - Testnet

I see few errors/warnings but can’t understand what is wrong

SOLVED: Malformed json file of contract offer, the parameters’ order is mater.

It looks like your master address is “mqjxgaB2hhcvsyGBHKEPATVC1CMvAbbwT3”, which is the wrong format. Addresses within the protocol are in binary excluding checksums, so when using json formats they are hex, not base58.

If you run go run cmd/smartcontract/main.go convert mqjxgaB2hhcvsyGBHKEPATVC1CMvAbbwT3 then it will convert to the hex format for you.

Hash : 7026fd4be4f40c407b3a500b0a437638833ddee0
Raw Address : 207026fd4be4f40c407b3a500b0a437638833ddee0

Use the raw address format. For P2PKH addresses they always start with 20, then have 40 characters following (42 total). The 40 characters represent the 20 byte RIPEMD160(SHA256(public key)) hash for the P2PKH address.

I will make a ticket so that this will be caught before responding with a C2 (Contract formation), since it should not have accepted the invalid C1.

@KarlTheProgrammer Got it, thank you.