Smartcontractd daemon / spynode is again failing on 'Revert failed to produce correct last hash', 'Header (not next)' on totally clean spynode, fresh boot, no conflicting processes - Fixed

I got a C6 to be mined but the C7 was lost because spynode got into trouble with block hashes again.
I had totally restarted with empty spynode folders and cold boot of my machine.
So nothing wrong on my operations as far as I know.

There is definitely a huge problem with the daemon on certain blocks.
I had worked around it previously by creating a new wallet address and funding again so that the
wallet was in a block beyond where spynode choked, and I set the start hash there, beyond where the
problem block was. That got me running OK again for a few more weeks until yesterday.
But now again it is choking on some recent blocks.

I am attaching the daemon and client logs.

I couldn’t repeat the problem with a lot of re-syncs of a clean smart-contract daemon, but I did see an anomaly sometimes in the headers coming from the node (I think 1.0.7). I fixed what I think is a potential problem on the latest commit in the develop branch. Please try it and let me know how it works.

Those “Header not next” messages might still show up sometimes when the node sends the wrong headers, but it shouldn’t cause errors anymore.

OK I will try it and will let you know.

Yes it works now, using code from the Develop branch.

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Thanks. I just released that on the master branch.