Should a contract only have one Asset type attached?

Is it not a good idea to put a whole bunch of Asset types into the same contract?

I see that in, the money part is in a separate AUD contract. So I assume we should not try to a combine all the Assets under a single contract, right?

Generally, yes. However, there are lots of examples where many asset types can be issued from one contract.

For entity contracts, you would want to issue shares of different classes, as well as membership tokens to represent directors/administrators.

So the Movie-Tickets example could alternatively be implemented with a single contract?

The AUD contract and the Movie Ticket contract?

Yes AUD and Movie Ticket combined.
Or is AUD supposed to be general purpose, used together with other contracts?
I was just wondering if they could be combined in theory, even though not actually a good idea in this case.

There are no hard restrictions on it yet, but the currency contract (AUD E-Money) has nothing to do with movie tickets, so it would non-sensical. A currency contract would have terms and conditions specific to it, and would be issued by a regulated financial institution or central bank.


How many assets can be created/managed by contract? Is any limits exist?

No limits exist. For some non-fungible asset types, we anticipate thousands per contract, but the sky is the limit.