Pruned BSV chain Idea for Tokenized has problem conflicting with Indexing option in bitcoin.conf

I read that if pruning is enabled then you cannot use indexing.
But I thought I read that Tokenized expects indexing to be enabled in the BSV fullnode.
My idea was try to use Tokenized with slimmed-down BSV nodes to save hosting charges trying to load the Bitcoin blockchain from scratch.
Looks like that idea is not feasible at this time.
But I suppose another problem is the node will try to verify the wallet balance and verification needs to go all the way back to the genesis block unless we have some new SPV feature apparently being worked on by NChain.
I suggest in the future it might help to separate out the funding of the contract wallet from the purely contract code so that the contract code can run against a pruned node and the wallet funding can run in SPV mode serviced indirectly by a full node (sending Merkle trees or whatever SPV trick…).

I am not sure how pruning effects it, but yes, the tx index must be turned on so the smart-contract can request historical outputs for the inputs of txs received to the smart-contract address. This is so the “address” of the input can be verified. I can’t confirm whether or not that works with pruning on.

I am not sure where you heard that any verification needs to go all the way back to genesis. The genesis output may be needed if it is spent in a tx sent to the smart-contract :slight_smile: . Otherwise, smart-contract can be configured to start at a recent block height. It is just required that the block height be at or before any transactions sent to the smart-contract, or it will not see them. The contract wallet doesn’t need funding for normal operation as all requests fund their own response or are rejected.