Proposed Asset Types

Hi all,

If you’d like to propose a new asset type to be included in the Tokenized Protocol please list it in this thread. Please post your suggestions in the same format as the asset types listed here:

Please make sure to include a description and list of the fields/field types that you think are necessary for the use case.

An example of the format using the Currency asset type:


Currency, fiat money, cash. Issued by a monetary authority (eg. Reserve Bank of Australia, ECB, Bank of England). Currency is free of counterparty risk except for the risks associated with the management of the currency by the monetary authority and its recognition as acceptable legal tender by the market and associated government(s). Custody of currency must be backed by a 1:1 ratio, or a full reserve. A currency asset type should be considered the digital equivalent of physical cash.

Field Type Description
Version uint(1) The version number that this asset payload adheres to. Example: 0
ISOCode CurrencyType International Organization for Standardization code for Currency. (Specification/Resources) Example: AUD
MonetaryAuthority varchar(8) Example: Reserve Bank of Australia
Description varchar(16) Example: Australian dollar