Proposed Asset Types

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If you’d like to propose a new asset type to be included in the Tokenized Protocol please list it in this thread. Please post your suggestions in the same format as the asset types listed here:

Please make sure to include a description and list of the fields/field types that you think are necessary for the use case.

An example of the format using the Currency asset type:


Currency, fiat money, cash. Issued by a monetary authority (eg. Reserve Bank of Australia, ECB, Bank of England). Currency is free of counterparty risk except for the risks associated with the management of the currency by the monetary authority and its recognition as acceptable legal tender by the market and associated government(s). Custody of currency must be backed by a 1:1 ratio, or a full reserve. A currency asset type should be considered the digital equivalent of physical cash.

Field Type Description
Version uint(1) The version number that this asset payload adheres to. Example: 0
ISOCode CurrencyType International Organization for Standardization code for Currency. (Specification/Resources) Example: AUD
MonetaryAuthority varchar(8) Example: Reserve Bank of Australia
Description varchar(16) Example: Australian dollar

I am exploring the possibilities of tokenising the Kenya shilling. This will fall right under the e-money regulation of the Central Bank of Kenya or The Payments Systems Act of the Republic of Kenya. Kenyans, having been exposed to mobile payments via M-pesa, the chances of adoption for a tokenised Kenya shilling is high.

It is important to note that 3/4 of Kenya’s GDP runs through M-pesa, a mobile payments platform fully regulated by the Central Bank. This makes Safaricom, the TELCO behind M-pesa, the most profitable company in Kenya, and the highest task payer.

I am familiar with the local regulation and have good relationships with regulators. I would be happy to team up with technical guys that would be willing to collaborate in making this a reality on BSV chain.

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Hello, I am interested in the issuance of a token backed by pecan nut production, I am located in Mexico in one of the most productive regions in the world (28% of world production), tokenzaction is considered an important means to provide liquidity to the producers, to generate a system of world market or auction of the pecan nut, and to facilitate the access to the purchase of pecan nut to all those interested in this industry in a reliable way and of fair prices.
My technical knowledge is very limited so I ask for your help or advice to go to each of the steps and achieve the issuance of this type of tokens.
I appreciate all the help you can give me about it.

Hi Leobardo,

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Do you mean a futures contract (smart contract/tokenized version) for a particular pecan nut harvest?

Do you have any email that I can send the explanation of my idea?

Can you please DM me in here.

Do you have higher-res photos or a pdf?

yes i have, how can i send it to you?

So the tokens represent a transferable deposit receipt issued by the exchange in exchange for pecans.
The exchange measures/qualifies/stores the deposit of pecans, and records the quality of the nuts and the quantity on the deposit receipt. The exchange then ‘fronts’ the farmer a portion of the value of the pecans, but lets the pecan farmers sell the rest (by transferring the deposit receipts) at their leisure.

The money upfront allows them to pay their expenses and allows them to control when and who they sell the pecans to, to maximize profit. The exchange takes a fee for fronting the farmer and/or a % of the final sale which is controlled by a smart contract.

Have I got that right?

You’re right, that’s the idea.

Yes, we can help you with this.

I’ve DM’d you.