In a Production Scenario, should CLI sync be running all the time? Should it be --nonstop always?

It would be hard to write logic to turn sync on and off just precisely when needed, especially when often it has to be run --nonstop to get it to find enough nodes.

So should it just be left running --nonstop always?
And another instance is needed for each wallet, right?
Such as a shareholder’s wallet needs its own sync running.

The smart-contract CLI should not be used in any kind of production scenario. It is only for basic testing. For any production system much more complex wallet software should be built.

Also, you have to stop sync in CLI in order to run other commands. If you run commands from another terminal while sync is running, then you are not running on the latest data collected by sync.

For “Production” I should really say “For End To End Alpha Testing” (rather than piecemeal testing).
Well then I have to run sync and sample the log periodically to check if it seems to have found the client’s most recent Tokenized transaction.