I think that is an airdrop

The Transfer in “Tokenized Agent Setup Guide” is an example of an airdrop, right?

Can you provide a link to the guide?

The link is the pinned message at the top of the Tokenized Channel on Telegram.
The file is Tokenized-smart-contract-agent-setup-final.pdf but I replace spaces with dash ‘-’ here.
I am just saying that in that document the sample scenario does a Token Transfer without exchanging any money, so I believe that is also a nice example of an airdrop.

I am not sure of the definition of air drop, but I have always heard it regarding receiving tokens for owning other tokens. Like if you can prove ownership of a token to get another token free, or if there is a split and you own tokens on both chains after.

The example is not an atomic swap, in which payment is embedded as an exchange of tokens for payment. It is just a transfer of tokens from one address to another without context. It could be assumed that payment was made separately or off chain.