How to effect automatic payments using a smart contract

Various associates propose smart contract use cases to me which have the smart contract automatically making a payout upon some triggered condition.
But as I understand it, Tokenized Smart Contracts require the client to send an explicit request to make any payout. So it cannot do what Solidity can do in that scenario right? If so, does that mean that client side code would be needed to respond to the trigger condition and send the payment request? Or is there some such functionality coming farther down the Tokenized Roadmap?

You are correct. There can be many types of “smart” agents that operate based on “on chain” data, but ours currently is for creating, managing, and using tokens. We may create other kinds of “smart” agents in the future, but tokens are our top priority.

The Tokenized Roadmap will be able to do all that and more, but only in time. There is a foundation to build first.

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