How could it work in a future release to use 0 Sat txs to TAAL with Tokenized?

I am guessing that the sync would be changed to only search for TAAL nodes.
Then the 0 Sat txs from Tokenized Actions will go to TAAL who will invoice monthly in fiat or any other desired crypto (probably a stablecoin).
And there needs to be some authentication method for connecting to TAAL nodes.

This is a good point. I am not sure how that would work. These transactions will still need to fund responses from smart contracts, so unless the smart contract is also operated by the miner taking fiat for fees, then there will still need to be response and contract fees paid in the request tx.

Worst case, they will propagate in the block when they are confirmed so it will just be slower.

Best case the smart contracts will have a method of pulling them directly from the miner, verified as “to be mined”, and can treat them as any other tx.

I guess perhaps we should open a Payment Channel to TAAL acting as the direct link we need, and funnel all the txs (bi directionally) through it.

But maybe Merchant API provides a kind of channel for this tx activity. It may be slow compared to a real Payment Channel. And I think gRPC should be used, not REST API.