Forum setup strategy - Where are the categories?

(Brendan (Moderator)) #1

Hey Guys,
As you may have realised, we don’t really have any categories or sub-structure to the forum yet. This is mainly because we want you guys to help us work out what will be best. We looked at some other setups and saw that often when there is too much compartmentalisation, things get lost.
So, for now, there is just one main category and all topics will go under there. Once we get to a point where a particular category is dominating the feeds, we will create a place for that to flourish without disrupting everything else.
This way we can grow the site organically and not box things away.
There is a ‘lounge’ category that people can get access to once they have been around a while however we don’t really have anything planned for that… Keen to hear the thoughts of the first of you to make it :wink:
If you have any comments or questions about the approach, shoot!


The right way to do it, and the right reasons. Looking forward to seeing discussion bloom here.