Example tokenized schema to store invoices

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a standard way to store data on the blockchain. A open protocol so anyone can parse data and exchange information. I understand BDI is still being developed and in the roadmap for tokenised but would there be a simple example that I could start with to store a simple invoice using the tokenised protocol?

Thanks in advance

Hi Alfred,
If you look at the ‘Movie Tickets’ example you will see that there is a simple invoicing system which allows the retailer to attach a secondary OP_RETURN in the Transfer action which contains a receipt. We have not made any specific design suggestions for this as this is something that the retailer will usually customise to their needs.
Does this help?

Thanks I’ll have a look and get back to you if I have questions

Hi Alfred, all of our EDI message types (invoices/POs/etc.) will be defined on this page: https://tokenized.com/docs/protocol/messages and will be carried within the payload of the Message (M1) action: https://tokenized.com/docs/concepts/messaging

The Message (M1) action is a general purpose messaging action that provides the envelope to carry different message payloads to recipients in a bitcoin txn.

I hope that helps. Please yell if you have any more questions.