Envelope is only usable in Golang currently, right?


I noticed the docs indicate the Envelope Typescript package is incomplete, and it seems like the Bitboss Typescript version existed before Envelope so it doesn’t integrate the Envelope system yet?

But the Golang version of Envelope is ready to play with now… is that right?

Any hints on when version 1 is coming or whether there will be many breaking changes from version 0? Or will v0 be future proof? Or… too early to tell?



Hi Andy,

Welcome to the Tokenized forum!

Correct. Envelope is only usable in Golang for the moment.

The protocol is in a relatively stable state, so we hope to keep breaking changes down going forward. I can’t comment on the release of version 1 just yet, as we are still collecting customer requirements around some of the edge cases.

Thanks James,

Sounds like a good reason to learn some Go! The concurrency aspect seems really attractive.


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