Do I need to run my own full node to run the Smart Contract?

I am looking into this and would like to try it out. I am wondering if I need to run my own Bitcoin SV full node in order to deploy this.

You need to have the IP and RPC username and password for a node that you trust. Smart contract assumes data coming from the “trusted” node is valid. It also connects to many other nodes in the network, but doesn’t trust any of that data.

Most people will probably use smart contract hosting services.

Most people will probably use smart contract hosting services.
Is Tokenized planning to be a hosting service provider? Or alternatively, developing an ecosystem of partners that will be doing this?

We plan to be the best smart contract hosting service. :grin: With smart contract being open source, we also hope that other companies will provide hosting as well.

I have actually started working on a simple hosting service to allow beta testers to easily setup contracts.

Dear Karl, I would like to test the JS implementation of Tokenized. Is there a way to access such as test node? Kind regards, Capster

I recently setup a smart contract agent from which you can request a contract address to interact with. If you message me privately on telegram or twitter, I can give you access.