Difficulty to directly buy BSV here in New York State USA

As I understand it, I need to spend a little BSV to setup the Tokenized smart contract.
I have not found a site which lets me directly buy BSV so far.
Some sites that sell BSV do not operate in USA or in NY State.
So I buy BTC from SQUARE Cash App (which has super low fees) and then go to SimpleSwap.io
to swap BTC to BSV.
But on my first attempt at that, I accidentally typed in a BTC address instead of a BSV address.
So I lost my $18 of funds for development testing purposes.
SimpleSwap suggested I try to “Sweep” the BTC private key into a BSV wallet hoping the BTC address is the same as a BSV address anyway. But that yielded a BSV address with 0 funds.
I had the private key because the BTC address was from my BTC full node wallet so I could do a
bitcoin-cli dumpprivkey on it. The Simply Cash App for BSV has the Sweep function.
Now I will try again not to make a mistake…

First of all, I would use something more like 10 cents worth of BSV for testing. Not anything you would care about. But if you were just trying to get it into a stable BSV wallet you can use more. Make sure you only transfer a small amount at a time into the smart contract admin address though.

It is actually still fairly difficult. I would suggest buybsv.com but it looks like it is not available in New York yet. coinex.com does allow you to exchange BCH and other currencies for BSV but is an exchange so it is a bit more complicated. I don’t recommend using BTC, even to exchange, because you will likely lose value in the fees and risk getting stuck in the mempool. Use BCH or maybe even a stable coin as long as the exchange has decent volume for the trading pair.

What exactly do you mean by you typed in the BTC address? Do you mean you used an address from your BTC wallet instead of your BSV wallet on the BSV side of the simple swap?

It is not easy to move from a BTC wallet to a BSV wallet because they use different key derivation paths. The addresses are functionally the same, but are derived at different locations in the key hierarchy from the seed. If you can find a BSV wallet that allows you to specify the derivation path you might be able to figure out what your BTC wallet was using and specify that in the BSV wallet to recover it. Try importing your seed into the https://electrumsv.io/ wallet for BSV. I think it gives you derivation options.

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I will try out all of your suggestions.
Thank you for the great detailed and rapid response.