Cannot find the T2 for my successful T1

Please advise what might have happened to the T2 for the T1 on this contract I ran yesterday:

I accidentally stopped my smartcontractd soon after running the T1,
so maybe the T2 never got generated?
In that case I hope there would be a restart capability in smartcontractd to realize the T2 failed and to recreate it.

Also, I ran a second T1 Transfer, which the log says was successful,
but it hangs WhatsOnChain:

and so there is no T2 for that one either.

If you clear the smart contract data and restart it, then it will resync with the chain and respond to any requests that have not yet been responded to. I did fix a bug a while back where if the smart contract agent was restarted at the exact time a tx was being processed it might not process it when the agent starts back up. I am not sure if it is in a release yet.

Please explain a bit more how to “Clear the smart contract data” - I am not sure if you mean to clear all the spynode data?

Stop the smart contract agent, Delete the directories (or S3 buckets) referred to by NODE_STORAGE_BUCKET and CONTRACT_STORAGE_BUCKET, then start the smart contract agent. It should sync all data from the START_HASH through current and rebuild all related data. If it finds any requests that haven’t been responded to yet, then it will respond after it catches back up to the chain.