Can I send asset to non-standard tx-out instead of an address?

From the Tokenized document I found only T1.Assets.AssetReceivers.Address can be used to specify the receiver. I think this is quite limited as I’m trying to write a script which can manage asset. This output will not have an address but that tx out (with non-standard script) needs to receive asset and send asset from it (as an uxto). Is there a way to achieve this?
I notice most T1 txs will put every receiver in the output as out1,out2…etc, like this. Is there a way to tell smart contract that I don’t have an address but please send the asset to T1.out1 script and T1.out2 script?

Great question. That is on my “to do” list. Currently our address class only supports a few specific locking scripts, but I plan to add the ability to include any locking script in raw format. It will just serialize as a specific header byte followed by the locking script. Our address class mainly just provides a small amount of compression and more efficient handling of locking scripts than raw locking scripts, but the idea is to allow any locking scripts to be used in the Tokenized protocol.