BUG: peers file is not saved to ./tmp/contract/standalone/spynode therefore smartcontractd does not find any peers and so does not receive tx messages

When running the code from the master branch of the Sep 30, 2020 Release:
./tmp/client/standalone/spynode has the saved peers file (from running CLI sync --nostop)
./tmp/contract/standalone/spynode is missing its peers file and that causes the daemon to malfunction.

Workaround: at the end of each CLI sync --nostop run when sync has shutdown (via control-C),
then copy the peers file from client to contract.

Root cause: at some point, the daemon smartcontractd was not cleanly shutdown and so the daemon’s instance of file “peers” was not correctly saved. The only way to cleanly shutdown the daemon is by Ctrl-C in a Terminal session. Upon clean shutdown, the last step is that the daemon saves the list of peers to a file named “peers” in the ./tmp/contract/standalone/spynode folder. And similarly, CLI sync --nostop has the similar behavior and saves its own instance of a “peers” file to the ./tmp/client/standalone/spynode folder.

I believe this was either caused by using SIG-HUP again rather than SIG-INT (CTRL-C) or it is also possible the the software is having trouble finding peers. Sometimes bitcoind is not the best at providing good peer addresses. It works best if you don’t often reset the storage and let it build up peers and retain them. It is also possible to clear other data from storage and leave peers, but you should probably know what you are doing.