Atomic Swap between COU and SHC

Is it possible to do an atomic swap for COU to SHC?
If so, what are the details how to do it?

Yes, any number of assets can be swapped for any number of assets. Tokens are sent by signed inputs and received by outputs. There is no restriction on who owns the inputs nor who owns the outputs in a single transaction.

Have you studied this example: ?

Yes I read movie-tickets but there is no code / CLI commands given and a search for “swap” does not it. I need some direction in actual CLI at least. I have a whole pipeline working in python now where I can create a contract with assets easily using shell command calls to smartcontract CLI and also to bitcoin-cl and parsing the return strings, usually JSON. This gives me a prototype that will not likely break when tokenized is next released. It is effectively very loosely coupled to the tokenized backend. Next I need to do swaps. How exactly in SmartContract CLI (+ some bitcoin-cli if needed)?

By the way I have a laundry list of omissions in Brandon’s Quick Start. For example, it says oh, just look for the C2 response in a Block Explorer. It should say: find the C1 TX then look at the first Output and get that tx then look in the ASCII tab for the ‘C2’. It took me weeks to deduce that.

For a ‘swap’ of 1,000 tokens of Asset 1 from Party A to Party B in exchange for 90 tokens of Asset 2. You would use the Transfer and corresponding Settlement action to affect the following token transfers:

input[0] = Party A sends 1,000 of Asset 1
input[1] = Party B sends 100 of Asset 2

output[0] = Party A receives 90 of Asset 2
output[1] = Party B receives 10 of Asset 2 (token change)
output[0] = Party B receives 1,000 of Asset 1

Please send through any corrections/feedback you have!