Artist wanting to use NFT's/smart contracts to sell artwork on website

Based on the lack of response, I guess I’m in the wrong place or asking about something that hasn’t been created yet on the bsv network.

Good luck with your project.

[[Total noob to tokens. I have my own website. I have handcash, moneybutton and ElectrumSV (desktop) wallets.

I would love to start creating tokens for my art but I only want to use BSV.
Is it too early to use tokenized? I am not a dev or miner or coder, but I see the value in using token for my digital artwork.

Any help/advice on how to get started greatly appreciated.

I know I could go to rarible or use ETH but I have no interest in any other crypto.

P.S. Would there be a size (Mb’s) limit for images or is it just a case of I would pay more for a bigger file?]]

It is still a bit early. Our wallet is still in private beta. I think there are a few wallets that support limited usage of tokens, but I haven’t seen any fully featured systems yet.

And yeah, if you are looking for images on chain, it would mostly just be pay for size. there may be some limits now based on what miners will accept, but I am not sure of those specifics and they should be going up all the time.

I can probably help create a Proof Of Concept using Tokenized tokens that are in ‘test mode’ (not for Production). I have enough of a tokenized Wallet app in python working to get you started from zero.
We may be to repurpose some existing Tokenized tokens to show at least roughly the basic features of artwork tokens. Then you can circle back to the Tokenized team later to take it further. Directly storing significant sized images on the BSV blockchain does not seem to be encouraged as a long term strategy. Small images are possible however - a meg maybe a few megs tops.

Hi David, Thanks for responding. I can see something like this “artwork token” could become quite popular and financially beneficial for the creator.
I am a willing “guinea pig”. I have a website that could be used to test, if that would be helpful. I have been struggling with a way to get people to “pay to download” my digital artwork. I still don’t have a satisfactory method. I compress all my website images as low as I can, usually below 1mb, the originals are usually over 100Mb. I don’t even store them online they are in an external HD.

I would love to help in anyway I can, what is the next step?

Essentially, ‘tokenized licenses’ to use the digital artwork?

Would I pay for a token lic. from you? from Tokenize company? I sort of get the idea of smart (digital) contract (on the blockchain) “party of the first part…agrees to sell…party of the second part…” But I’m not sure about tokens. How and why would I use a token to exchange/sell artwork?

Is that somehow embedded in the image or would it be a link? “click on me if you are interested in purchasing artwork” type of thing.

Am I completely off base?

I googled “digital tokens for artwork”: 2020-04-14 2020-09-25 2020-11-05 2020-11-30

I believe you need to decide where your requirements fit into the spectrum of these articles.

Then we can try to match what Tokenized functionality maps to your requirements.

Then we can look at the revenue flows for sustaining the Software Development.

The token info is on the blockchain so the link or button has to be within a Tokenized-based crypto token wallet app that you are running somewhere on the web or on a mobile device and upon clicking would execute a script to call the Tokenized service backend to query the blockchain for info about which tokens the user owns. The advantage is that all info / transactions are stored on a global blockchain which cannot be compromised or restricted, serving as a trusted source of truth about your business operation. It cannot be bought-out or taken over by some multinational corp in the future. Also it is very cheap to use.

So in it’s simplest form, I guess I need some sort of contract where the purchaser can deposit or show sufficient funds, I would sent artwork either thru mail (painting) or e-mail link to digital download. Once art was received the funds would go into my wallet, does that sound right?

I don’t want someone to have to buy “tokens” than exchange them for artwork, that seems like an un-necessary step.

All this would be using BSV, I don’t want to use any other form/crypto, this is one of the reasons I have been struggling, all of the sites I could use run on eth or btc or some other coin.

I just get a little over-whelmed with how to implement the tech side of a contract.

P.s. I could see how a token would be good to use to prove identity/authorship. A service or website where all this was available, using BSV, would be something very appealing.

I have the Tokenized tokenizing process boiled down to be not overwhelming.
In Tokenized, there are Asset types that you would choose from when defining a token.
Typical Tokenized Asset Types I studied are Shares, Memberships, Tickets.
The Asset types simply represent a convenient (in the expert opinion of the Tokenized team) set of appropriate data fields for the particular business process you are trying to represent.
These convenient Asset definitions are the Valuable IP (Intellectual Property) which the Tokenized framework embodies.
I refer to Tokenized and the tool I wrote for it as a kind of II (Intellectual Infrastructure).
Each token has a description including a Count of how many instances of the Asset you have issued (generated).
If more than 1, then it is fungible.
You do not want fungible in the case of a token for a unique artwork.
So just set the count to 1.
Shares are usually fungible, but it seems to me that I can simply set the Share count to 1 and voila the Share Asset is a non-fungible token.
So I am suggesting that we can repurpose the Assets from their commonly-used form into our own other purposes.
With a few lines of python (in the tool I created - it could be some other language in someone else’s Tokenized-compatible tool)
we send a request to the Tokenized service to create that single token on BSV.
The service creates the 1 and only 1 single (because we specified a Count = 1) token and returns a unique AssetCode for it.
Now that unique artwork token can be Transferred around to various client Tokenized crypto wallets.
The python app I wrote also serves as a very basic Tokenized crypto wallet.
The Token Transfer is done with another few lines of python code in the tool I wrote.
The token transfer activity is recorded as bitcoin transactions on the BSV ledger for posterity.
The details of the tokens are recorded in Tokenized-specific data fields within a single composite blob of bytes (OP RETURN payload or some similar kind of BSV payload) inside each BSV transaction.
The wallet keeps track of the Transaction Ids - you don’t want to lose those.
Given a transactionId or wallet address, my python code can call the programmable API of and
get the token info and parse out and display the Tokenized-specific encoded Asset datafields of the token.
With a few more lines of python code my tool can create a private key and crypto wallet address for each artwork token client.
A startup has recently created an Identity Service on BSV.

Ok, That all sounds good - I believe I understand what you are up to, re; tweaking what is already in place (code) to work for artworks.

Would a unique ID be generated on request or could I assign/attach a unique ID (token) to each artwork BEFORE someone actually wanted to own it?

Can I try a for instance? JohnQpublic likes an artwork, “can I purchase it?”
Do I ask JQP to download the wallet, add funds to it then send me their wallet address? I then send them the unique ID (token) from my wallet. That all checks out…I send the download link or mail them the artwork…Upon receipt/or use of link the funds’ transfer. Or am I overcomplicating it?

Is your app/wallet ready to try/download/use?
Do you know the name of the startup doing the ID service?

Thanks for your patience, David. Hopefully, my mistakes and learning will help someone else down the track.

You would create the Assets ahead of time and therefore you would have the AssetIDs and TxIds ahead of customer interaction.

Please continue this discussion over email to my dlypka at

I meant a license to use the digital art for X purpose. You’d pay for a digital token that would give you permission to use the art for commercial purposes, for example. There might be royalties as well, or just a one-time fee. It could be a license for indefinite use, or just for a finite period. All customizable.

The asset type would have a hash of the artwork, or the actual file.

So the token and the artwork would be attached, throughout time, so that if the art was re-sold the artist could get a payment/commission/fee?

Yeah, the license to use the digital art could be tradeable in a p2p manner. The artist would continue getting royalties and could even specify a transaction fee that they would get, irrespective of which wallet/platform the trade was made.