Address and separate spynode folder & sync needed for each Shareholder in SHC contract?

Each shareholder needs a separate bitcoin wallet address plus a separate spynode folder and sync has to be run for each Shareholder separately, right?

I am not sure what you mean by spynode folder.

But yes, each token holder would want their own wallet, which can be SPV, and it will generate their keys/addresses to hold tokens and bitcoin. It will have to sync with the network to know the current balance of tokens and bitcoin.

I really meant to say standalone not spynode.

I am asking it there has to be a separate standalone folder for each shareholder for sync:
and then by implication a separate spynode foler below that.

Oh. If you are talking about the smart-contract CLI, then yes. It is designed for simple testing and not designed to be an efficient wallet. It is just a single key wallet that scans all transactions which is simple and effective for testing, but not much else.