Adding a REST API to smartcontract command

I need to send commands to smartcontract through a REST API because I want to run it all on the Google App Engine, with some python code in an upper layer sending comands to the go code in smartcontract.
I want to define a REST API at that point to receive that string and send it into the command parsing code in golang.

So where is the best line of code to intercept the incoming command line string from a smartcontract command?

If you just want to the API to parse Tokenized data, then you can just build one directly around the specification repo. This is where the golang implementation of the data specification is.

I am not clear about how will help me because it seems to only build the request but does not execute it.
Where is the rest of the pipeline that executes the action?
I was hoping to begin at a simpler conceptual level by just having the REST API (over https) interject itself where the command line is parsed from smartcontract.from for example a “build” request such as
go run ./cmd/smartcontract/main.go build C1 ./10x-SAFE-Offer.json --tx
Where in the source code is that parsed coming in from the command line?

I misunderstood your request. I thought you just wanted to parse actions with the API, for reading tokenized transaction data. The specification repo will only provide parse/serialize functions.

If you want to have a fully functional client you will have to build something more complex than the smart-contract CLI. You have to coordinate a full bitcoin wallet with UTXOs management, on chain Tokenized data management, and transaction building from that data.

I am not sure I really understand the question. Can you be more specific about the functions you would like the API to provide?

No, I just want to automate the steps I have been experimenting with over the last few months. I don’t want to type the commands manually anymore I want to script it. So I want to pre script those same command strings I was typing following examples and send them into the go code from a python script over http request aka REST API request. So where to grab hold of the command line string?

I am still not sure I know what you mean. You already know the actual commands to type, right? So you aren’t asking for that.

The commands are defined in these files.

Well it looks like I have to make changes to but boy is that hard to figure out where the command line comes in.

I understand that. I first used cobra after learning golang and it was a little confusing at first. After you figure it out it works pretty well though.